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Since we all realize about the grave problems of the worldwide – Global Warming – the biggest danger to human survival in the very coming future.
Reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is becoming a pressing issue for the global community.

Trees are the nature technology, the only readily deployable and scalable solution to climate change.
Planting trees will help to regulate the climate, providing economic stability for local villagers, conserve threatened species, and protect watershed areas.

Do somethig good!
Make an impact by sponsoring a tree by now!

Help us to save the world!

With our project – Trees4Bali – you get your own tree on Bali, Indonesia.

Make a positive climate contribution and offset the CO2-emissions through our sustainable tree-plant projects.

When you plant a tree on Bali, you will:

  • help regulate climate & make a positive climate contribution
  • offset your CO2-emissions
  • remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
  • revitalize and improve soil quality
  • prevent soil erosion
  • protect watershed areas
  • reverse environmental degradation
  • restore biodiversity
  • reserve endangered species
  • support the local and global economy
  • provide economic stability for local villagers and farmers
  • supports the local community  (Fruits for poor families and farmers)
  • provide a long time impact: Certain trees will grow up to 400 years.
  • be proud of you own tree(s) in Bali

However, our project is about much more than the compensation of CO2. One-third of all emissions have come from land-use change, namely deforestation. By reforesting and planting trees, we are helping to bend the climate curve, restore species habitat, clean the water, and support the local and global economy.


Your tree sponsorship includes the following:

  • Project start
  • Transaction of money
  • Raising the trees
  • Distribution of the plants to small local farmers
  • Spreading the plant
  • Care of the plant until the farmer can derive income from it
  • Training of local farmers
  • Reporting & photo-monitoring
  • Annual sampling in the project areas to verify the survival and health of the trees
  • Approval of the photo and control of the coordinates of each individual tree
  • Assignment of a unique ID for each tree and entry in our public tree register
  • Your name sign on the tree
  • Regular project updates in the tree diary, where the focus is on environmental and social benefits

In addition to the climate benefits and compensation of CO2, your tree has the potential to preserve endangered species, provide a habitat for animals, purify water sources, control flooding and erosion and help to replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming. A recovering forest restores habitat loss and degradation and threats to species health. It is evident that rapid felling of trees leading to deforestation of large parts of the globe, led to soil erosion.


How does it work?

Choosing the tree that suits you the most.  A farmer will plant this tree in his village and take care of it.
A farmer will plant your precious tree in his village and he will take care of it.
Your tree is photographed, geolocalized, reported and gets your name sign.
We will try to choose poor areas and farmers in Bali to support the local community.
Once you have select a tree and paid your donation, contact us for a your complete report by follwing E-mail adress: info(at)
After we made sure your tree has been planted, you will get your personal name carved at the tree plus a picture and a the geo location (address of the tree) so you can visit your tree, whenever you  wish too.

Make an impact by sponsor a tree now!

For just USD 39, you are able to plant your own tree on Bali.
Choose your tree:

Mango Tree – Sponsorship: USD 39
The mango trees are long-lived, as some specimens still fruit after 300 years.
Fresh mango contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins.



Avocado Tree – Sponsorship: USD 39

By planting an avocado tree, you will offset 500 Kg of CO2.
An Avocado tree should begin to produce a crop after three to four years.
Avocado is planted for fruit cultivation and the shade that it provides for other crops. Avocado leaves have excellent anti-scarring properties as well.



Durian Tree – Sponsorship: USD 49

Durian trees are large, they are growing up to 25 – 50 meters (82–164 ft) in height, depending on the species. The leaves are evergreen. Durian trees have up to two flowering and fruiting periods per year. The fruit can be grown up to 30 centimeters and typically they weighs one to three kilograms



Jack Fruit Tree – Sponsorship: USD 39

The jack tree is well-suited to tropical lowlands, and it bears the largest fruits of all trees.
A mature jack tree can produce about 100–200 fruits in a year.
A jack fruit can reaching as much as up to 55 kg (12lbs.) in weight, 90cm (35in) in length and 50cm (20in) in diameter.



Mandarin tree – Sponsorship: USD 35
By planting this Mandarin tree, you will offset 50 kg of CO2
A mature tree can produce from 400 to 600 fruits each year and raise farmers income by selling local fruits.


Your donation for these trees will go towards to Bali and start the planting process. By helping us to plant your trees, you may give local families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a forest garden system.



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