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Cruise Jobs – A Lucrative And Fun Experience

Many people have heard the old adage that a cruise ship is like a floating city, therefore, it is not hard to imagine that it takes hundreds of employees to run and maintain a cruise ship. Think of all the…


Best Job Interview Tips for Job-Seekers

When you have successfully mastered cover letters, resumes, and job applications and are receiving requests for interviews, it’s time to understand how to succeed in the job interview so that you are ever closer to your goal of obtaining one…


7 Reasons To Search Online For Your Next Job

A job search can be hard and sometimes frustrating. In case you are considering changing your job you should consider using an online search. This will help you expand your horizons and your search for your next job can become…


Bali-Finder take over IndoJobCenter

Since November 27. 2020 Bali-Finder take over the IndoJobCenter portal and include all job board facilities to Bali-Finder.com Now, employers can post their job vacancies on Bali-Finder FOR FREE at: https://bali-finder.com/jobs/   Advantages Whether you are looking for a job…


5 Ways You Can be Prepared When Facing a Job Loss

Are rumors circulating throughout your workplace that there may be downsizing, a lay-off or merger? Are you scared and don’t know what to do? These 5 tips can help you feel more in control of your financial situation: 1. Take…


Job Hunting Tips

Hunting for jobs nowadays is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat affair. Here are a few tips to help you get the edge in searching out and landing the job of your dreams. The Curriculum Vitae The CV is the…

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