How I can post a job ?

That is very simple! You just have to register on Bali-Finder.com, then you can klick on the button “Ad Listing” or the menu link “Create  Listing” and fill in the form. Please fill in all details correct. Describe your job offer, like: Description of job, requirements, your company profile, and how to apply.  You can upload a company logo or picture, place your address in Google Maps, select the job categories.  That´s it.
Don´t forget to click on “Next” to finsh your posting.
It is free of charge !

How to submit a villa for rent?

Your step to step guide to submit a villa :
1. register or login
2. Click on the menu “create listing” and choose the category “Villas”.
3. enter the title (villa name), fill in the villa description, as detailed as possible
4. upload an overview picture (JEPG or PNG format, min. 800 pixel wide)
5. choose a header for your listing  (featured image is fine)
6. upload some more pictures in the gallery (5  to 10 pictures, min. 700 pixel wide) and sort your pictures (by moving with your mouse)
7. insert an image video URL / YouTube link (optional)
8. insert the cheapest rate per night
9. select the amount of bedrooms
10. select the location of your villa (e.g. “Bali” and “Canggu” or “Sanur”, etc.)  On the map: Enter the name of your villa as mostly google maps already recognize this.
11. enter your contact details and the address of your villa
12. connect your social networks
13. set up your booking configuration (optional).
14. set up your villa and service facilities
15. select: “Done”    – That’s it!
For any further questions, please contact our customer service.

How can I featured my listing?

If you have submit already a listing and you can featured any time. You have to login, then go to “My Bali Finder” in the menu, then click on My listings, there you see the option “featured” on your listing overview.  Just click on it and proceed the payment. it is only USD for 3 month.   A featured listing will be display before basic listings on top of the listing category section.

How much does it cost?

Bali-Finder.com offer a FREE service, anyone can add a business listing at no charge for the TRIAL and FREE Package.
We do offer also a BUSINESS and a PLATINUM package for better promotion options. The Business Package cost only 15 USD per year. You can cancel it any time you want.
The best promotion Package is the Platinum Package with tons of features and promotion options. Platinum Package cost only 30 USD per year. There is NO auto renewing.
You can cancel any time your registration or package.

How do I add a business listing?

Before adding your listing, you first need to register or login:

  • Click here to register or navigate to the Login page.
  • If you haven’t yet registered, click here to navigate to the “registration” page.
    • You will receive an email which will contain your login credentials.
  • After you have logged in, click on “Create Listing” in the top Menu.
  • You can add an unlimited number of different listings to the Directory.

Here are some examples how to submit a villa, or how to submit a property.

Is my listing secure?

We take security seriously;  your listing information can only be modified by you using your login information. Please keep your login information (i.e. login name and password) safe.
Please read also our privacy policy

What is a Platinum Listing?

A Platinum Listing Package enables you to provide full information about your business or services. It includes direct links to your website and email, the names of your key contacts, a map showing your location, social network connections, a customer review section and other items. You can submit up to 100 listings and get the best customer service support. A Premium Listing appears before all Basic Listings when users do a search. We recommend that you make a Premium Listing; it’s very affordable.

What if I cannot find a category that matches my product or service?

Send us an email or contact us describing your product or service and suggest a suitable category. We will be pleased to respond

My business is not listed after I submit my business, what happen?

You can check your status in your section “My Listings” on the menu “My Bali-Finder”.  If your order status  is “pending approval” please allow us to proof your listing. Usually within 48 hours your listing will apprar on Bali-Finder.com.  Otherwise you can contact our support here.

Why I should list in Bali-Finder.com ?

Our priority is to offer you great value for money, and marketing that works. We put a lot of powerful features and benefits into our products, far beyond the usual.
There are a number of benefits and advantages of listing your business at our Bali-Finder directory,
Find here all advantages
Find here all benefits

May I choose what information I disclose?

There is certain information we need to register you as a unique user and let you access personalized services such as the Bali-Finder.com Marketing Center. Other requested information is optional and may be given at your discretion.


What if I need to review or change the personal information I previously disclosed?

We encourage Bali-Finder.com members to update and edit their personal information and keep it current. You can easily correct or update your personal information at any time by visiting your account management section and make necessary changes.


What payment gateways are implemented?

You can choose PayPal, Stripe or basic wire transfer. If you need other payment gateway, feel free to ask us for custom development.

What kind of security is used to protect my information?

We store all user information in secure databases protected by a variety of access controls. Access to this data is limited to a minimum number of employees and this data is accessed only for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.



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