Here is a step-by-sep guide how to submit a villa.

First, register or login.


  1. Choose the category “Villas”
  2. Enter the title (villa name) and fill in the villa description, as detailed as possible
  3. Upload an overview picture (JEPG or PNG format, min. 800 pixel wide)
  4. Choose a header for your listing.  (The featured image is fine).
  5. Gallery, here you can upload some more pictures (suggestion 5  to 10 pictures) Min. 700 pixel wide.  After upload you can sort the pictures by click on it and move it with your mouse.
  6. Video, here you can insert a YouTube link  (URL) for a video (optional). Or just proceed to the next step.
  7. Price, here you can insert the cheapest rate (price per night, per villa)
  8. Listing categories,  how many bedrooms?  just select.
  9. Location, Here you have to select in the dropdown fields above the map, the location (Like “Bali” and “Canggu” or “Sanur”, etc.).  Then enter in the Map the Villa Name, or the city, or the street, you can select the suggestions on the map.  Also you can move the marker on the map with the mouse to the right place.
    Optional you can do the same with the street view.  Or just leave it as it is.
  10. Contact: Just enter your contact details. And the address of the villa. (Optional)
  11. Social:  Enter the links to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. (URL). All optional
  12. Booking configuration.  If you like to receive bookings by e-mail mark: “enable”. (choose nights, max of persons, etc..).  Or just proceed to the next step.
  13. Details: Just mark the villa facilities and service facilities.
  14. Select: “Done”   – That’s it.


If you have questions or need help for promotion, use our customer service