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Genius Café

Beach side Café in Sanur

Genius Food is a nourishing experience created to give vitality to your body and elevate your mind. We have designed a High Plant-Based Menu to flood your body with nutrients and ignite your genius, stimulating productivity and creativity. Our clean cooked and raw food is a culture in itself and is meticulously crafted and presented by visionary Chef Cynthia Louise. Here, your eye is no less delighted than your taste buds.

Genius Drinks are designed using fresh ingredients, superfoods and essential oils, mixed with herbal tonics and house-infused alcohols. With Genius Drinks, we stay wholesome and prove that it is possible to have a good social life and cultivate health at the same time. We are reinventing bar culture by making a positive change and impact on the way we drink. We are proud to use only locally-grown herbs – our natural healers on this planet. Incredible Indonesian herbs have many different properties and, when infused into alcohol, they create something new and almost magical… It is a process that brings a whole new approach to what we drink, the way we drink and why we drink.

  • Food kind Restaurant
  • Food Type Western, Italian, Vegetarian, Drinks
  • Location / Region Bali/ Sanur

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