World-Traveler-Club is an excellent travel group of its kind. It provides everything one needs for travel. Their uniqueness lies in the extraordinary list for all kinds travel deals. Whether one is looking for the cheapest flight or a luxury hotel, an extremely comfortable business class deal or an exotic destination this travel club is all one needs. World-Traveler-Club believes in “We love to Travel Cheap” and hence they have the exact right deal catering to individual needs. They offer you deals from over 300+ sources, blogs, travel sites etc.

If one is into traveling but wants some extremely cheap deals then he/she should immediately join in as a member.
There are various benefits of being a Platinum Member at the World Traveler Club such as:

  •  The member can access all  travel deals

  • One can have access to all of their deal scanners

  • Business Class & First Class deals
  • Deal alerts reach you instantly

  • Membership to the club’s newsletter

  • A  membership card

  • Free access to travel e-books

  • Special support

However all these benefits are not available to all members! The travel club provides three options for membership. The first is the basic membership which is absolutely free of cost. However the other two charge a minimal fee. The gold membership is for € 29 and the platinum membership is for € 39.

 If one wishes to get information about all the deals and services provided by the club without searching too much one can subscribe to their official newsletter. The newsletter will provide you information directly to your inbox. The newsletter is filled with all the information that would guide a traveler for their next travel plan. All one needs to do is subscribe to it.

More than 700 travel deals per day are waiting for you.
With the state-of-the-art travel deal search engine “Deal Scanner”, they are able to provide you the best access to all current travel deals offered from more than 300 deal resources, blogs and travel sites.  Only here you gonna get access to all the travel deal resources  worldwide.

This travel club also provides you with a travelers forum were they hold general discussions, give tips and tricks and also have a support system. They also make announcements in that forum.

Their team of travel specialists are known travel industry professional and provide an unbiased look.


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